If you’re Googling VIPKID it’s probably because you’ve seen it in an advertisement, a friend told you about it or you saw a video about it on YouTube. So, you’re probably trying to find a way to make more money as a

  • teacher
  • digital nomad
  • stay at home parent
  • aspiring small business owner

I’m here to tell you that VIPKID is a great option for all of those professions. I’ve been in the online teaching community since 2016 and I’ve met people who identify with each one of the bullet points above.

Personally, I started working at VIPKID when I quit my brick and mortar teaching job in 2016. I didn’t have another job lined up. Luckily, I found VIPKID on Indeed.com. At the time I wondered if it was a hoax, but I figured I’d test it out.

When I applied and had the interview I knew they had to be serious because of the questions they were asking. Plus, my second interview was with a down-to-Earth Canadian teacher. VIPKID is really serious about preparing their teachers. They have a specific style they want everyone to get accustomed to before you have your first class. Check out my video about it.


VIPKID Teacher

There’s an assumption that in order to be a VIPKID teacher you have to mimic the style VIPKID YouTubers have, but that’s not true save for when you’re going through the application process.

When you’re going through the application process at VIPKID, you do have to follow an exact teaching style which includes TPR (click here if you don’t know what that means), modeling, using props, using rewards, and so on. However, once you get past the interview and start teaching you can use your own style.

The most important thing about being a VIPKID teacher is that you:

  • understand and appreciate ESL strategies (Don’t fret, if you’ve never taught ESL, I can help you with that!)
  • are warm, compassionate and patient
  • like kids
  • like teaching

Online Part Time Jobs


I’m here to reassure you that VIPKID is a legit online teaching job, I also want you to know that it’s one option out of hundreds of online schools. Online teaching is in the beginning stages so you do have to be careful about which online school you apply to. Due to the newness, a lot of companies pop up and then fail quickly. For that reason, it’s safer to work for companies that are reputable and have been around for at least a couple of years. Always do your research when applying.


Yes, VIPKID is more well-known due to their marketing, but there are other options. If you’re interested in them, click below to check out some of these companies:

I work at iTutorGroup and Gogokid as well. I’ve learned how to negotiate pay and work my way up to other positions such as training, lecture classes and being a part of company projects. You can hear more about how I did that in the video below.

VIPKID Application Process

It’ll take six steps to become a VIPKID teacher.

  1. Find a coach- I would be happy to be your coach. All you have to do is use my referral link and code (NICOL0711).
  2. Apply Online- be sure to say you’ve worked with kids in some capacity before or else you’ll fail this step
  3. Interview Options: Live Interview – Recorded Demo – Smart Demo (on your phone) – Coaching Day (in person)
  4. Get Certified to Teach Different Levels of English
  5. Possible VIPKID TESOL Certification (You might be able to bypass this if you already have an ESL certification). If not, I have a $19 certificate you can purchase when you click here (this is an affiliate link).
  6. Submit Your Paperwork and Teach Your First Class

VIPKID Reviews

If you’ve looked up VIPKID reviews, you’ve probably heard mostly positive comments, but like any company there are some cons. Let’s discuss both pros and cons.


  • Make your own schedule
  • You make a life-long impact on students’ lives by teaching them a skill they can use that will likely boost their career.
  • Learn about Chinese culture and your students and parents get to learn about Western culture
  • Earn anywhere from an extra few hundred bucks a month to six figures with this job
  • Opportunities for growth at the company ranging from recruiting to being a mentor or trainer


  • Some teachers struggle to get booked
  • Odd hours on most days except for Friday and Saturday evening and early morning hours if you’re a morning person
  • The way business is done in China is different than the way business is done in the West, but if you keep an open mind it’s manageable because essentially you are your own boss
  • A long application process

VIPKID Certifications

During the application process you will be asked to get VIPKID Certifications. This means you will be qualified to teaching various English levels ranging from one to five. As you teach more classes you’ll be qualified to teach even higher levels.

Level 2/3 certification qualifies you to teach students who are a Level 2 or 3 in English, which are beginners.

Level 4/5 are intermediate. You can learn more about the VIPKID certifications on my YouTube channel


VIPKID Intro Video

Most importantly, you will have to make an introduction video so students and parents can decide if they want to book you for a class.

You don’t have to make the video too fancy. Just show a little of your teaching, tell them who you are and why students would want to have a class with you.

My video is fairly simple and you can check it you below.

Are you ready to start being your own boss?

Applying to VIPKID genuinely was the best decision I ever made in my teaching career because I am my own boss and I make more money than I did as a brick and mortar teacher.

You, too, can make this a full-time job if that’s what you want. If you’re ready, don’t hesitate to start the best job in the world! No joke! It’s seriously the best job.

Click here to get started with the best job in the world because you won’t regret it.