If you are here looking for someone to help you through the Vipkid application process, you have come to the right place. I applied to Vipkid two different times because I took a year off and then reapplied again to get a higher pay rate. I am happy to share all of the tips I used in order to get nearly the highest pay available at VIPKid. Let’s take a look at the general steps first.

Vipkid Application Tip One: Get a Coach


The reason you need a coach for the Vipkid application process is because there are three demo interviews that require a very specific teaching methodology (specific tips below). Without a coach who guides you through the demo interviews it will take you longer to complete the interview process than necessary. You will also have a lot of questions throughout the process and being able to e-mail your coach will provide you with a sense of ease instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Vipkid Application Tip Two: Learn the Vipkid Style


Vipkid wants energetic teachers that speak clearly and enunciate while teaching Chinese English learners. They want you to use ESL strategies such as Total Physical Response. They want you to use props to help students comprehend and to engage the students. They want you to use rewards to praise the students. They also want you to have a teacher background that shows your name clearly. Having a coach to practice with will make the process very smooth for you.

Vipkid Application Tip 3: Learn the Vipkid Methodology


Vipkid has a specific method for teaching their lessons. They do provide the curriculum to you, but they don’t provide the teaching methodology so clearly. They want you to say and do specific things in a specific order. For example:

  • Say the vocabulary word
  • Have the student repeat the word
  • Have the student read the passage
  • Ask the student a question to check for comprehension

If you don’t know the exact order in which to teach, it might take you several times to pass the certification demo. However, with a coach, you should be able to pass the first time.

Vipkid Application Tip 4: Practice for the Interview and Certifications


Even as an experienced ESL teacher who worked for Vipkid before, I had to practice two to three times for the demos in order to pass. The reason I had to practice is because I was not accustomed to teaching using the Vipkid methodology mentioned above. I have a much more relaxed style. I had to practice their style in order to appear natural in the demos. I will be happy to help you practice if you add me as your coach on your application.


Vipkid Application Tip 5: Make a Great Bio

Once you pass the demos (they are called certifications), you will have to write an autobiography to introduce yourself to the kids and parents who are looking for teachers. Make your bio stand out so that parents are intrigued by your profile. Upload pictures that show different aspects of your life and different sides of your personality. In your bio, write about your teaching experience, what makes you unique, and anything that you think parents or kids would like to know about you. Don’t make it too long because people don’t have a long attention span. Try to incorporate everything that matters, but keep it concise.

Vipkid Application Tip 6: Make a Great Intro Video


Your intro video is your very first impression! What do you want students to gather from you in just a few seconds? You can make your video longer anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds. Make sure you personality shines through and you show a little teaching. Perhaps add some special effects to the video when you edit it. I typically keep my video editing pretty basic, but I might add some music to the background. I just try to show the highlights of my personality and teaching style.


Vipkid Application Tip 7: Open Up Weekends and Peak Times


Once you have signed your contract, passed your demos, and completed your profile, you will be able to start opening slots to teach. Be sure to open up weekends and peak times as you are getting started because those are the easiest times to get booked. There are some tips about how to avoid low bookings here.

When you apply, be sure to use my link and my code: NICOL0711

I cannot wait to help you through the application process! 

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