Whether you are just getting started on Teachers Pay Teachers or you have had your store for a few years, you still might be wondering how to choose (or re-name) your TpT store name. I contemplated my store name for about a month before I finally decided to use my own name as my TpT store name. I have three tips for deciding your TpT store name:

  1. Research store names before you commit to your own store name
  2. Be very clear about who your customer is
  3. Understand that your store name doesn’t make or break your success

Tip 1 for Deciding Your TpT Store Name

deciding your tpt store name

There are three areas you need to research when choosing your store name: Teachers Pay Teachers, The Internet, Your Brand. As soon as you have an idea for your store name, type it into the TpT search bar and see if the name is already used by another seller. It is possible that the name won’t appear in the search bar, but it still exists. If that happens, TpT will reject your store name. That happened to me. I searched “Teacher Nikki” and nothing showed up, but then I got a rejection alert saying that it was already in use.

You also need to search on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Google to see if your desired store name is already used in other places. If you name your store “Teacher Nikki” but it’s already all used up in other areas on the Internet, you won’t be able to use your store name for marketing purposes on social media or for your own website. In reality though, you might want to use your real name on social media instead of your store name. Marketing experts recommend using your real name because it allows customers to connect with you. It just depends if you want everything to be cohesive or not.

Another thing to consider is typing your name as one word. If you ever decide to make a website using your store name, will the name be confusing, will it look like an inappropriate word, or will it be difficult to read?

Finally, do research about branding before choosing your store name. It’s possible that you think you have your brand figured out, but keep in mind that it will likely evolve over time. Is your store name something that will evolve with your brand, your products and your audience? Think about your brand in the long-term, not just for what your products are right now. How do you want people to remember you and your products?

Tip 2 for Deciding Your TpT Store Name

Knowing your brand relates to knowing your customer. Do you know who you are creating products for? Do you have a clear vision for the products that you will create? If you don’t have a clear vision, be careful about committing to a store name. Keep in mind that you can name your store today, but you can change it at any time. That way, if you are not 100% certain about your brand and your customer you can name your store something generic for now.

I’m in Kayse Moriss’s Transform Your Resources course and she advises not to get too hung up on choosing your store name. She also provides advice on choosing a store name in her 10 Steps to Get Started Selling Your Teaching Resources Online, which I highly recommend reading because her tips come from her own unique experiences (which led her to making 6 figures). I agree with her about not getting hung up about your store name because when I researched the most successful stores there were a variety of names. Some were memorable and some were not. Which, leads me to tip number three.

Tip 3 for Deciding Your TpT Store Name

Your store name will not make or break you! It’s your grit, determination, and drive that will make you successful, which I discussed in my YouTube video about naming my TpT store. If you know you are going to be successful, you will be. If you make a commitment to consistently creating and uploading products, you will be successful.

Of course memorable store names are helpful, however, memorable products and quality customer service are what keep people coming back. Making a product that stands out amongst the rest is what will drive sales. There are plenty of successful stores that use their own name as their store name. There are plenty of successful stores that have generic names, too. Nevertheless, they were successful.

You will need a store name to get started, but it’s important to remember that it’s not the be all, end all to your success. You are!

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