Are you on the struggle bus in your teacherpreneur business? You don’t have to be. There are specific steps you can take to transform your resources and your business. I was on the hunt for a business coach and I could not find anyone that understood both business and the field of education, until I found Kayse Morris. She is a renegade teacherpreneur.

How I met Kayse Morris, the epic teacherpreneur

My last day at work in 2016. I was ready to start meeting other teacherpreneurs and I didn’t even know it yet.

I started teaching online in 2016 right after I quit my brick and mortar job. At that time, I knew I wanted to create my own business. Even though I was freaking out about quitting, I was ready for a new adventure. I took several marketing courses, but they provided partial information about getting started. No one really gave me any tangible steps to succeed as a teacherpreneur.

In the meantime, I kept teaching online. It helped make ends meet and eventually I doubled my income, but it still wasn’t my own business. So I decided to look into Teachers Pay Teachers. I heard it was a great website for teacher entrepreneurs. That’s how I found Kayse Morris.

Kayse learned a lot about selling teaching resources online and tripled her income her third year as a Teachers Pay Teachers seller. This was her last day before quitting her teaching job.

I came across her YouTube channel in September 2018 when I was looking into expanding my business. A month later she launched her course Transform Your Resources. I wasn’t sold on the idea of selling my teaching resources, but I was sold on Kayse. As a former teacher, she would understand my perspective and my struggles on the path to creating my own business. I went into her course with high expectations and she exceeded them.

I believe timing is everything. It was no coincidence that Kayse was starting her teacherpreneur course a month after I found her on YouTube.

What’s in this teacherpreneur course?

So what’s her course about? She teaches all about creating, selling, and marketing educational products. I’m sure as a teacherpreneur you have felt like no one really gets what your business is about. Well, Kayse gets it. She knows what to sell, how to sell it, and teaches you what she’s learned since she started her business in 2013. This woman is experienced! The great thing is, she’s willing to share her expertise with others because she has the mindset that there’s room for everyone on the playground.

Become a teacherpreneur selling your teaching resources online.

Has a course’s content every disappointed you? Well, you won’t feel that way with Kayse’s course.

Epic Reason 1: Learn about Creating Teaching Resources

Whether you’re new to creating teaching resources or experienced, Kayse has valuable information for you. A lot of experienced Teachers Pay Teachers sellers take the course (click to join) and some of them think that the first module is for beginners, but once they watch it they rave about how many valuable nuggets there are.

Even experienced sellers learn a lot how to sell teaching resources in Transform Your Resources.

Kayse teaches, inspires, and guides other teacherpreneurs through the entire process of creating resources from start to finish. She provides actionable steps for you to not only create, but also succeed. I sold my first resources almost immediately and other educators from the course have as well. What she teaches works!

What You’ll Learn About Product Creation

In the resource creation part of the course you’ll learn about:

  • How to use PowerPoint to make teaching resources
  • The ins and outs of PowerPoint that you never knew existed
  • How to make your resources appeal to your customer
  • How to ensure that no one steals your hard work once you publish
  • Creating teaching resources that are pleasing to the eye

If you already have resources created, once you start the course you will begin updating all of your old resources to implement her techniques, which will lead to more sales.

She has been selling educational resources for awhile and then wanted to update! Part of the text is omitted to protect the content from the course.

Epic Reason 2: Learn Teacherpreneur Selling Techniques

If you are struggling to get eyes on your products or reach your sales goals, you need to jump for joy right now because you just struck gold. Kayse is a traffic-generator! In addition to teaching how to create resources she teaches internet marketing techniques, something every teacherpreneur needs. I have no doubt that I sold the products I uploaded in my store thanks to Kayse’s techniques.

You know how you get that little voice in your head that says, “What if I spend all this time creating an amazing resource and it doesn’t sell?” Well, after uploading my first product and getting several sales, I knew I had no reason to listen to that voice anymore. It’s virtually impossible not to make a sale when you implement Kayse’s tips. Making your teaching resources look beautiful coupled with her marketing techniques, you will consistently sell products.

Epic Reason 3: You’ll Become a Traffic-Generator

Kayse truly is a traffic-generator. I already doubled my website traffic this year and I am selling educational materials!

Kayse explains why a blog is important for educators who create resources. I have had my blog for 3 years and I didn’t know how to get traffic. If you are struggling with getting traffic to your blog, you don’t have to anymore!

Transform Your Resources teaches you all about how to rank number one on Google for your blog posts. I know that I doubled the traffic on my website this year thanks to her module about SEO and due to the overall motivation I got from being surrounded by other go-getters in the course. You can do it too. It’s as simple as implementing a few techniques (which you will learn in her course (click here to join).

How do you know if Transform Your Resources is for you?

If you have experience and success creating teaching resources, but you don’t know how to broaden your audience through marketing online, this course is for you. If you are a complete newbie, this course is for you. Kayse educated herself both in product creation and in marketing, and now she is sharing her expertise with other teachers so we can create our own six-figure businesses. Get ready because the best is yet to come!

You know the best is yet to come when you have the right coach to teach you about selling your teaching resources online.
Learn more about why this Teacherpreneur course is epic! In this video I share my website stats and talk about the freebies and bonuses provided in the course.