Teacher Nikki

Helping English and Spanish learners on the path to fluency!

I am a teacher that believes in creating a classroom environment where students are comfortable yet challenged. I welcome students to embrace the learning process with me by creating laughter, making connections, and inspiring them to go beyond what they imagine they could accomplish. I am here to teach English and Spanish to adult students.

English Learners

The Enthusiastic English Crew
If you want to improve your English we have an excellent program for intermediate and advanced students to practice speaking. We offer small group lessons in a fun and welcoming environment where everyone makes progress.

Spanish Learners

Las Chispas
My Spanish professor used to say, “Eres una chispa, Nikki.” I am not 100% sure why she gave me that nickname, but I can guess it had something to do with my fire for learning. Now I want to light a spark in you as you learn Spanish.