Before I started my stay at home jobs, I was a brick and mortar teacher. Now I teach online and I doubled my income. You might think doubling my income required me to do more work, but I cut my work hours in half. To top it off I’m working from the comfort of my home in my pajama pants. This stay at home job rocks!

The Secret to Stay at Home Jobs

You might have heard of online teaching before, but let me share a secret with you. The money isn’t in the teaching, it’s in the promotions and the recruiting. You don’t have to be a YouTuber to recruit either. I’ve made $1,460 recruiting for Gogokid without much effort. Most of my recruits tell me they found me through this website and only a few said they found me from my YouTube video.

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Recruiting Pay from Gogokid

Get a promotion with Stay at Home Jobs

Stay at home jobs are more fun than Taco Tuesday because you don’t see your boss everyday, especially as an independent contractor. In fact, you can go your entire online teaching career without seeing your boss. But then you’re wondering, “how doI get my foot in the door for a promotion?”

Here are 5 steps I took that landed me a promotion:

  • Make friends with the most active people in a Facebook group related to the company you work for
  • After you establish trust with your new friends, ask them if they know about opportunities for other positions at the company
  • Ask your friend for a specific, direct e-mail address to inquire about a promotion
  • Ask your friend if they have any advice about what to say in your e-mail
  • Send the e-mail and reap the results
stay at home jobs

How much can you earn in an online stay at home job like teaching?

Top earners make anywhere from $6,000 to $11,000 a month, but what do you need to do to make that much?

  • Get the highest pay that the company offers
  • Get a promotion. Opportunities include: Mentoring, Training, Brand Ambassador, Writing Curriculum, etc.
  • Recruit- A good company offers $100-$125 per recruit, plus bonuses for milestones. I make $120 per recruit for Gogokid.

What problems would you encounter in a stay at home job?

Companies expect you to work in a non-distracting environment. Stay at home moms and dads do this job and sometimes they do have to get their babies and have them play in a crib while they are teaching. The fact is, if you are a teacher that your students love, they are understanding of your circumstances.

The only other problem you might encounter is finding a space to teach. I’ve seen people teach from closets, bathrooms, or their living room couch. Most schools require a student-centered background such as a map and posting your name on the wall behind you. I am lucky enough to have an office space, but originally it was a second bedroom. You can check out my office and teaching backgrounds here.

Requirements for Teaching Online from Home | Stay at home jobs

Where should you apply for your stay at home job?

Stay at home jobs don’t have to be difficult to start. I always recommend newbies to apply to Gogokid because it is the easiest and fastest application process ever! All you have to do is a 15 minute interview, watch a few videos, fill out your company profile, send in your paperwork and you’re done. I’ve had people finish the process in one day!

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Why teach at home?

  1. It’s easy and fun! The company provides materials and you get to work with kids who want to learn.
  2. You are not only helping your family bring in more income, but you are also teaching a life-long skill to kids that will benefit their future.
  3. There is potential to make 6 figures in this industry if you want to.
  4. Be with your kids and set your own hours!
  5. You don’t even have to teach if you don’t want to. Just recruit. Remember, that’s where you can make a whole lot of money.
stay at home jobs