Are you frustrated because you cannot communicate with your family, colleagues, or locals in Spanish?

Maybe you are frustrated because Duolingo and Rosetta Stone are no longer working for you.

Maybe you are frustrated because your family members or friends are biting at the bit to talk to you in Spanish.

Maybe you are frustrated because you cannot communicate at work with your colleagues and business partners.

At Las Chispas Spanish Lessons, you will no longer be frustrated!

You are showing  your commitment to improve your Spanish, and that is why I want to work with you!
Learn about me and the Spanish lessons I provide.
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The Teaching Environment At Las Chispas

Teaching With Empathy: Maestra (Teacher) Nikki hasn’t forgotten what it is like to learn another language. She is patient and makes you feel comfortable while learning a new language.

Teaching with Passion: Maestra Nikki knows grammar and vocabulary, but she teaches it in an engaging way so that you are inspired and energized while learning Spanish.

Teaching with Patience: Maestra Nikki knows that learners have to feel comfortable in order to retain information. She puts you at ease while learning. When you struggle to understand a concept, she assists you with patience and compassion.

Teaching with Availability: While technology is supposed to connect us, often times it does the opposite by supplementing humans for videos. Maestra Nikki has live lessons because she knows you have questions and want to learn with a human!

Teaching with Techniques: While grammar and vocabulary is important, maestra Nikki focuses on helping you to speak right from the beginning. She has worked with students for over ten years and she is an expert in teaching second languages.


5 Compelling Reasons To Join Las Chispas

See how Maestra Nikki learned Spanish
and how she can pay it forward by teaching you.

Hi! My name is Nikki and I am your dedicated, patient and passionate teacher. I could say that 10 years of teaching and a master’s in education is what makes me stand out, but what really makes me a teacher that you want to work with is that I can relate to you as a learner.

Here is what I bring to each lesson:

Because I learned Spanish as a second language, I know how much effort and time it takes to become fluent. At certain points I never thought I would become fluent.

In fact, I almost quit Spanish my sophomore year in high school because all the verb drills overwhelmed me. I spoke with my teacher about it and she was not very patient with my learning challenges.

Fortunately, before I dropped the class my mom spoke with me and made me realize that Spanish was something I wanted to pursue as a life-long learner despite the challenges I was facing.

Yet I still had to work with teachers that lacked patience along the way.

I don’t want my students to experience the same thing I did, which is why I bring patience and empathy to my classroom today. I want you to feel comfortable yet challenged. 

Since Spanish did not come easy to me at certain points, becoming fluent was a result of perseverance.

I will never forget that process because I worked so hard to reach my goal of fluency.

Remembering that process is what allows me to create a comprehensible and exciting lesson for you.

I am determined to keep you motivated and stay dedicated to you because someone else (my mom) did it for me when I wanted to quit.

When you have moments where life’s responsibilities keep you side-tracked

or if you are feeling overwhelmed with the learning process,

I will be there for you to remind you to stay dedicated and stick with it. 

I wanted to learn Spanish as soon as I heard it spoken on a family vacation when I was an 8 year old in Mexico.

I wanted to be a part of the conversations I was hearing at hotels and restaurants, and in taxi cabs.

My passion for the language combined with the joy I find

in connecting with students will bring you a sense of excitement in my classroom.

I worked with immigrant students who needed to learn English as quickly as possible in order to excel in school.

Through my verb-centered approach I was able to get them to speak basic English in a matter of weeks.

I use the same strategy with people learning Spanish.

Get a glimpse of my verb-centered approach in the clip below.

This is Abygail’s second lesson with me. 

5 Life-Changing Benefits You’re About to Experience

Get ready!

Connections: Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world, following Chinese. You can connect with millions of people from 22 different countries.

Brain Enhancements: People who are bilingual or multilingual have a more flexible brain which allows them to make better decisions, comprehend more easily, and even ward off Alzheimer’s! 

Opportunity: Of course you can earn more income by being bilingual, but with the ability to connect with millions, more doors are available to you.

Culture: Part of learning any language is learning culture, too. Learning about other cultures broadens your worldview and expands your horizons, which leads to an open-mindedness that can positively affect all areas of your life. 

Freedom: You get access to a part of the world that not everyone can connect to because you speak Spanish. This brings you more freedom because you can reach more places and people than those who do not speak Spanish. 


You are a click away from





at Las Chispas for Spanish learners.

A chispa is a spark. My college Spanish professor used to say, “Nikki, eres una chispa.” I’m not sure if she called me that due to my smile or if it was because of the tone in my essays. No matter what the reason, Spanish sparked a passion in me that has led me on many adventures. That nickname resonated with me and I want it to resonate with you, too as you start your Spanish language learning journey.

🚀💥🔥 💥🔥 💥🔥 💥🔥 🚀 

Las Chispas will keep you motivated, dedicated and give you the FREEDOM to practice whenever and wherever you want!

Lessons at a Glance

Maestra Nikki will get you speaking immediately with her verb-based approach.

You will learn vocabulary to start formulating sentences and asking questions.

Lessons are on Zoom.

Maestra Nikki uses Google Slides and you will see her computer screen.

You will have access to her Google Drive to see ALL the lessons ever taught.

Lessons will be recorded for your reference after class.

Maestra Nikki incorporates grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Lesson Schedule

You will e-mail me to schedule a lesson.

I will give you access to my Google calendar so you can see my availability.

I can teach morning, afternoon and evening on Central Standard Time Monday-Friday.

Happy customers.

“I love working with Nikki on my Spanish! I was so nervous before our first class, and now I look forward to each class I schedule. She is positive and encouraging. I highly recommend Nikki!”

Laura P.

“Nikki has been a great tutor! I feel comfortable with the lessons and she is very flexible with scheduling. She makes the lessons fun and easy to understand. I look forward to many more lessons with her!”

Melissa S.

But What’s The Cost?

Normally lessons are $45 an hour. Six classes would be $270 a month.

But I am offering you $29 a lesson for only $175 a month 

That is a savings of $96 a month!

Start learning Spanish for $175 a month

If you don’t like it after the first week, you will get a full refund.

You can cancel at any time!

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