Are you looking to become conversational or fluent in Spanish? 

Even if you have bought a system like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone

Even if you have worked with other Spanish tutors

Even if you have taken a high school or college course in Spanish

Even if you think you will never find the right resource to become fluent

There is a better option with Las Chispas small group Spanish lessons.

I want to work with you!
Learn about me and the Spanish lessons I provide.
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5 Types of Mediocre Teachers

The ones that you should avoid

The Teacher Without Empathy: This teacher doesn’t remember what it is like to learn another language. She loses patience easily and doesn’t make you feel comfortable while learning a new language.

The Teacher That Lacks Passion: He or She knows all the grammar and vocabulary to teach, but the lessons are uninspired.

The Fix-it Fast Teacher: This teacher says they can help you become fluent without hard work and has some type of miracle to get you to become fluent

The Unaccessible Teacher: This teacher offers all videos, but you can never speak with him or her in a live lesson.

The Area Specific Teacher: This teacher focuses on only one way to improve your Spanish, such as grammar or speaking.


5 Compelling Reasons To Hire Me As Your Teacher

See how I learned Spanish and why I can pay it forward teaching you.

Hi! My name is Nikki and I am your dedicated, patient and passionate teacher. I could say that 10 years of teaching and a master’s in education is what makes me stand out, but it’s not. What makes me a teacher that you want to learn from is that I can relate to you because I remember what it was like to be in your shoes.

Here is what I bring to each lesson:

As a language learner myself, I know how much effort and time it takes to become fluent. That’s what makes me patient.

Knowing the process of learning a second language allows me to empathize with you and therefore be a better teacher for YOU. When your brain is confused I have a first-hand experience as to why it’s confused. This allows me to make learning easy for you.

I am determined to keep you motivated and stay dedicated to you because someone else did it for me before. Listen to this: Before I became fluent in Spanish I almost quit! My second year in high school because the teacher I had focused mostly on verb drills, which made the learning process difficult.

I was afraid to fail, so I thought dropping the class would be better. The good news is, my mom refused to let me quit. I thank her to this day for it because speaking Spanish has been the main part of my career since I graduated college.

I wanted to learn Spanish as soon as I heard it spoken when I was an 8 year old in Mexico. My passion for the language combined with the joy I find in connecting with students will bring you a sense of excitement in my classroom.

I worked with immigrant students who needed to learn English as quickly as possible in order to excel in school. On a scale of 0 to 5, I was able to get them from a 0 to a 2 in a matter of 6 weeks through my verb-centered approach. I use the same strategy with people learning Spanish.


5 Life-Changing Benefits You’re About to Experience

Get ready!

Connections: Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world, following Chinese. You can connect with millions of people from 22 different countries.

Brain Enhancements: People who are bilingual or multilingual have a more flexible brain which allows them to make better decisions, comprehend more easily, and even ward off Alzheimer’s! 

Opportunity: Of course you can earn more income by being bilingual, but with the ability to connect with millions, more doors are available to you.

Culture: Part of learning any language is learning culture, too. Learning about other cultures broadens your worldview and expands your horizons, which leads to an open-mindedness that can positively affect all areas of your life. 

Freedom: A friend once said to me that speaking another language is like knowing a secret because not everyone in the world can be a part of it. Knowing this secret provides you with a sense of freedom that can lead you to places you haven’t thought of yet. 


You are inches away from





at Las Chispas for Spanish learners.

A chispa is a spark. My college Spanish professor used to say, “Nikki, eres una chispa.” I’m not sure if she called me that due to my smile or if it was because of the tone in my essays. No matter what the reason, Spanish sparked a passion in me that has led me on many adventures. That nickname resonated with me and I want it to resonate with you, too as you start your Spanish language learning journey.

🚀💥🔥 💥🔥 💥🔥 💥🔥 🚀 

Las Chispas will keep you motivated, dedicated and give you the FREEDOM to practice whenever and wherever you want!

On boarding starts the first week of every month, and the first week is only $1! 

Week 1

You will learn 4 verbs to get you speaking immediately

You will learn vocabulary to start formulating sentences and asking questions

You will take 3 lessons in week one.

You can take the lessons live or watch a recorded version.

Week 2 and Beyond

After week 1 you are free to take small group lessons with me 5 days a week

Lessons are on Zoom.

I use Google Slides and you will see my screen.

You will have access to my Google Drive to see ALL lessons ever taught.

Lessons will be recorded for your reference after class.

I incorporate grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Happy customers.

“I love working with Nikki on my Spanish! I was so nervous before our first class, and now I look forward to each class I schedule. She is positive and encouraging. I highly recommend Nikki!”

Laura P.

“Nikki was the type of teacher I like. She has her way to teach and guide the lesson, flexibly. I can feel her passion in teaching. Having free talk is always nice. Wish to see you soon.”


But What’s The Cost?

You Get ALL of This

For Just $69.95

 A savings of $1,144.05!!!

You will only pay $1 the first week.

You can cancel at any time!

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