Do you want to practice speaking English with a native speaker?

Even if you have used other English books

Even if you have bought a system like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone

Even if you have worked with other native English speakers

Even if you think you will never find the right resource to become fluent

There is a better option with Practice English Daily

Improving Fluency


Improving Grammar
(phrasal verbs, idioms, and verb tenses)


Motivation to Practice 7 Days a Week


Live Speaking Lessons


 Practice English Daily



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for $5 a week for 90 days

What is included in the mini course? 

Daily videos explaining each page in the book -Normally $5 per video

Daily examples of how to answer the questions in the book Normally $22.55 per session

Daily motivation and tips from me -Normally $37.75 per talk

A live 30 minute group speaking lesson with me two times a month -Normally $22.50 per session

*Only 10 people can join per speaking lesson.
*In order to join the speaking lesson you need to complete
the video lessons and notes from the Practice English Daily journal.

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But why choose me and my mini course? 

There are 100’s of English Teachers

These are the ones you should NOT choose:

The Unaccessible Teacher: This teacher offers all videos, but you can never speak with him or her in a live lesson.

The Fix-it Fast Teacher: This teacher says they can help you become fluent without hard work and has some type of miracle to get you to become fluent

The Area Specific Teacher: This teacher focuses on only one way to improve your English, such as grammar or speaking.

Why you can trust me as your English teacher

Teaching qualities that are for you!

My name is Nikki

I am invested in your growth. When I think about teaching you, I think about all of the opportunities that you will have once you learn English.

I want you to:

  • earn more money
  • feel confident
  • make a positive impact on the world
  • connect with others
  • speak English fluently

I won’t stop until you accomplish all of your goals!

I enjoy connecting with my students because I can see their potential. I learn from you, too! I learn about your culture, your values, your language and your life experiences.

I can’t wait to get to know you!

Please, join this course, because I will be the best teacher to help you reach fluency and more financial independence.

You are buying the course early. 

Only videos from weeks 1-4 are available at this moment.