In 2016 I quit teaching in a brick and mortar school and I didn’t have a plan B. I started searching for ESL jobs online and I found a company called VIPKid. I applied and got hired, and this was my first online English teaching job. At the time, I thought this would be a short-term gig to help me get off my feet while I started my own business. However, I had no idea how much online English teaching jobs would change my life. It ended up leading me to make more money than I did teaching in a brick and mortar school. In fact, last month I made over $6k.

There are three tips to making $6k a month online:
– Getting the highest pay a company has to offer
– Doing some type of secondary work at the company like training
– Recruiting

Getting the Highest Pay for an Online English Teaching Job

In order to get the highest pay you need to ace the interview. That means you need to know the type of teacher a company is looking for. The good thing is, most online ESL companies from China are looking for the same qualities: energetic, use of ESL strategies (Total Physical Response, props, and visuals), speaking slowly, being patient, knowing the material well, and being professional.

I recommend a few videos to help you get the highest pay possible:
Acing the Interview at iTutorGroup
VIPKid Demo Tips
Gogokid Interview and Application Process

What to Expect in an Online English Teaching Job

If you are curious about what online ESL teaching looks like, take a peek at this short clip. How can you not love the cuteness? As a brick and mortar teacher I loved teaching middle and high school students, but online you are teaching one-on-one or in small groups so teaching younger kids is fun, not stressful or draining!

Get Promoted at an Online English Teaching Job

online english teaching jobs

If you have ever looked into an online English teaching job, you have likely heard about VIPKid. This is the most popular company for teachers in the US and Canada. As of 2018 they hired over 60,000 teachers.

At a company like VIPKid you can feel like you are lost in a sea of teachers. That is why I suggest applying to a company where you can get noticed. If you can get noticed you can get a promotion and make more money.

Most of the money I made recently was due to getting promoted at iTutorGroup in April of 2018. I was invited to become a teacher representative because of my work ethic, professionalism and social media presence related to the company.

When I got invited to be a teacher representative I was not a trainer and I did not teach special sessions, which pay a lot more than regular sessions. However, the other teacher representatives did. So I asked them who I could contact to inquire about those opportunities.

I assure you that just because I was a representative did not mean I was automatically handed the opportunity to be promoted. In fact, I was told I had to improve my feedback rating from a 9.5 to a 9.6. Once I did that I was allowed to teach special sessions.

Later, as a representative I was invited to do a live training competition and I knew the person who was in charge of scheduling live trainings. I told her about the competition and later she started scheduling me for more live trainings.

Those promotions along with recruiting are what led me to double my income teaching online. I am slowly building up my recruiting with other companies to acquire a more passive income via YouTube videos using my referral links.

Make More Money Recruiting at Your Online English Teaching Job

One of my biggest inspirations for recruiting online teachers is Nancy Taylor. In 2018 she made $130K from recruiting at VIPKid. Is Nancy an anomaly? I don’t think so. Due to the fact that teaching online is becoming more and more popular, we are just in the beginning stages. You can always say the market is oversaturated or you can say the market isn’t big enough. There is always an excuse not to try something. The truth is, if one person can do it, so can you. The question is how?

The two easiest ways I know of to recruit people for online English teaching jobs is through Facebook and YouTube (check out my recruiting tips video) On Facebook, join an online ESL teacher group, connect with other teachers and let them know about opportunities working at other companies either via post or direct message.

YouTube is not as difficult because people find you. At Gogokid I posted about the application process and have gotten 50 applicants in 4 months. However, only 8 actually finished the process. In reality, that’s a pretty normal conversion based on my experience interviewing and recruiting at iTutorGroup. In order for me to hire 18 people I had to interview over 40 in one month.

You can be successful by working at just one school, but I advise teaching for more than one school because it increases your odds of getting a promotion and it makes recruiting easier.

If you have any questions at all, let me know in the comments or shoot me an e-mail at nikki.lubing@gmail.com.

online english teaching jobs

Apply Now for an Online English Teaching Job

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