Are you interested in teaching English online? Come work at iTutorGroup.

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  • Bachelor’s
  • We hire both native and non-native speakers
  • TESOL certificate (if you need one you can get a great deal by clicking here) or an ESL certification preferred, but you have a 90 day grace period to obtain it online if you don’t already have it. The online courses are about 120 hours and prices range from $5-$400 depending on if you find a promo and which course you take.
  • 10 fixed hours a week during peak times (photo below), hours are in Taipei/Beijing time zone.
  • See the schedule requirements below.

Application Process

  • Fill out the online application
  • Schedule an interview
  • You only need to do a demo if you have no online teaching experience
  • Once you pass the interview you have to attend orientation. Depending on your experience you will attend between one to three orientations.
  • Pass an IT test to make sure your computer and Internet connection are stable
  • Fill out your profile and submit your paperwork
  • Sign your contract


  • Contracts vary based on location, being a native or non-native speaker and credentials
  • You will receive an offer after your interview


  • 25 Minute Junior (5-18) Lessons (one-on-one or one-on-two)
  • 45 Minute Adult or Junior Lessons (up to 6 students per class) – audio online, no video for the students
  • Materials Provided
  • Opportunities for growth- become a trainer, lecture class teacher, demo teacher or write curriculum
  • 10 fixed hours required (see schedule above)

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