iTutorGroup Onboarding and Application Process

iTutorGroup Onboarding and Application Process

iTutorGroup onboarding can vary depending on your background in teaching ESL online. If you have experience teaching (especially online) you might only have to take one orientation. If you don’t have experience teaching your recruiter will let you know which orientations you need to take in an e-mail with the subject onboaridng. Other than orientation, let’s take a look at all the steps you will need to complete to finish the iTutorGroup onboarding process.


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Steps to Complete iTutorGroup Onboarding and become a TutorABC Consultant

Step 1 for iTutorGroup Onboarding – Interview

Pass the Interview (15-25 minutes). If you have taught online before you will not need to do a demo lesson. If you are new to teaching online you will have to do a demo lesson. You will receive lesson materials from your recruiter if you have to do the demo lesson. If you want to know how to ace the interview, check out my video here.

Step 2 for iTutorGroup Onboarding – IT Test

Do an IT test. They will test your auido, Internet connection, web cam (including the placement of it and if you need to adjust the direction of your camera), and if your computer is up to date. Some computers have an outdated CPU that cannot handle our system.

Step 3 for iTutorGroup Onboarding – Orientation

Complete orientations. If you are an experienced teacher you might only have to do one orientation. You will receive two e-mails from a recruiter from China. The recruiter will tell you which orientations you have to take. The e-mails you receive will have the subjects “Congratulations!” and another one that says “Onboarding”. If you only received one, check your junk mail for the other one, if you can’t find the second e-mail reply to the one you did receive so they know you are missing one. If you don’t receive either e-mail reach out to recruiters@itutorgroup.com.

Step 4 for iTutorGroup Onboarding – Profile

Fill out your profile. You have to write a bio and do a video for both adult students and junior (kids) students. For the bio let students know who you are, your career experience and why you’re a good ESL teacher to work with. For some video ideas check out my junior video here. Joe Milne also has model videos for adults and juniors. Your intro videos don’t have to be as detailed. Just let your prospective students know why you are a good teacher and what you enjoy about teaching. Let them know what they will like about you as a teacher. Provide some brief background knowledge about yourself.

Step 5 for iTutorGroup Onboarding – Paperwork

Paperwork. You will have to submit your passport or a state ID and social security. You will also have to upload proof of a bachelor’s degree. If you have a TESOL or TEFL certificate you should upload that, too. A TESOL or equivalent is required within 90 days of teaching your first class. Look into International Open Academy or MyTEFL. China will likely be requiring a 120 hour ESL certificate in the near future, but iTutorGroup hasn’t specified a certain amount of hours at this point.

TutorABC Login

Save the TutorABC login in your bookmarks toolbar so you can easily access it. The login page is https://consultant.tutorabc.com/

Your password should be the e-mail you registered with and your birth date (YYYYMMDD).

If you get “Access Denied” e-mail recruiters@itutorgroup.com with the subject Access Denied.


TutorChat is the company instant messenger. You will use the same login information for TutorChat (download here). You can ask for IT help here or message schedulers. If you have technical problems during the iTutorGroup Onboarding process can contact IT on TutorChat. You can also use the Consultant Test if you need help with something technical. Please be aware that they will ask to access control of your computer to figure out what the problem is when they do this test. It’s only necessary if you can’t figure out an issue by yourself. It is not a required test.

When you start teaching, TutorChat sends pop-up notifications from the company regarding peak hours and alerts to join classes if you are on standby (this only applies for those on the standby team) or in an Emptyroom Robot (ERRs can happen to anyone). An ERR is when a client cancels within an hour of the class start time. If that happens you have to pay attention to TutorChat alerts because a scheduler can provide you with a new class.

It is extremely important to have TutorChat open EVERY TIME YOU TEACH. You need to have it open on your computer because the alerts/notifications don’t come through on your phone via the app.

If you ever get an absence (perhaps for technical issues or being tardy logging into a session) TutorChat will send you a pop-up notification saying “We noticed you missed your last session. Are you available to teach the rest of your classes today?” If you don’t click yes you will then lose the rest of your sessions for the day. Talk about a double whammy!

If you haven’t seen my video on how to avoid being marked absent, be sure to check it out here!

I also explained all of the reasons you need TutorChat in a video if you are more of an auditory learner.

Requirements for TutorABC Teachers

  1. The iTutorGroup backdrop, which you can print on several sheets of paper and tape them together or you can send it to a print shop. You can also send it to Wal-Mart and have them make it into a poster.
  2. You have to wear a red polo while teaching. I also use a red fleece because it gets cold where I teach. Shop for those items in my Amazon shop.
  3. You have to have a headset, you can also find that in my Amazon shop.
  4. TESOL, TEFL, CELTA or equivalent within 90 days of your first session.

iTutorGroup Pay

Pay is based by location. Even if you have a degree or are a native speaker, pay is still based by location. This is the biggest complaint people have about the company. However, there are opportunities to get promoted and participate in company projects.

iTutorGroup Reviews

We rank number 4 out of the top online ESL companies in China. The drawback is the pay, but I think people overlook the fact that we have 24/7 bookings (no other top company offers that) and bookings are consistent! At the top two companies teachers struggle to get booked. So if you consider making $0 due to no bookings versus lower pay with extremely high and steady bookings, what makes more sense? Not only that, but there is tons of room for growth if you are a good teacher. I myself have doubled my income thanks to the promotions I earned at iTutorGroup.

Best Online Tutoring Jobs

So what’s the best option for online tutoring jobs for teachers? It’s all about what your expectation is. Do you want to

  • Get booked consistently?
  • Work in another country?
  • Be at a company that has been around for years?
  • Get hired at a company where the teacher is expected to be super animated?
  • Work midnight shifts or have the option to work during the afternoon hours, too?
  • Teach just kids or mix it up and work with adults, too?

At iTutorGroup you do have the option to work with all ages and at all times of day. iTutorGroup makes it easy to be an at home tutor due to flexible hours, a variety of session types, and a versatile group of students who are all ages, and from various countries (China, Taiwan, and Japan. It’s the best work from home teaching job in my opinion.


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