I learned about Memberpress from a course by Mike Dillard. I knew nothing about online course creation, but when I quit my job as a public school teacher in 2016 I knew almost a month into it that I would want to create a course. Obviously, I think memberpress is a good WordPress plugin, because I’ve had it now for three years. The reason memberpress is a good WordPress plugin is because there is a lot of versatility to it and it is user friendly.

Before I got started on Memberpress, I knew creating an online course would not be easy, but if one website had all the tools I needed, such as creating a log in tool for my clients and dividing the course up into modules, I was sold. I am not a tech geek. In fact, I am a self-taught WordPress blogger and know enough to get by on my own. That being said, I have had to ask MemberPress questions many times. They always replied within 24 hours and helped me to find an answer to my question.

I also knew the plugin was user friendly because I used it in Mike’s course. So without further delay, take a look at the nine reasons why I think memberpress is a good plugin.

9 Reasons Memberpress Is a Good WordPress Plugin

  1. I have the option to create many different courses at different prices.
  2. I can offer a trial period within the course set-up process.
  3. You can set up a membership in a matter of minutes.
  4. You can easily connect your course registration page to your landing page by adding the link to a button.
  5. You can ask prospective clients questions in the registration page to ensure they are a good fit for your course. For example, “Is your Internet high-speed?” The prospective client must click yes before being able to register.
  6. The plugin includes stats that helps you to see which courses are most used.
  7. Without MemberPress I wouldn’t be making half of the money I make because they connect to both PayPal and Stripe!
  8. You can add coupons right within the WordPress plugin.
  9. They offer an affiliate program. Can you click my affiliate link when you join, because I would greatly appreciate it!