So many entrepreneurs want to do live videos, do Instagram stories, or create videos on YouTube, but they fear being judged by the public. This is a legitimate fear, but there are three myths that I want to debunk to help you stop being camera shy.

Myth 1 About Being Camera Shy- Your Appearance

how to stop being camera shyThe first thing people worry about is being judged by the way that they look. This is a mental limitation you are putting on yourself. You tell yourself that you have to look like a model to get an audience. However, if you go and check out some of the most popular YouTubers, they don’t all look like Hollywood movie stars that would be featured in People’s Most Beautiful Women/Men series.

This is similar on Instagram. Not all influencers are drop dead gorgeous. And those that became influences did so through hard work, not through looks.

The reason people capture an audience is because they have something unique, interesting, or funny to share. They are captivating people with their personality and they are posting quality content.

Quality content means having something that people want to watch. It can be for entertainment purposes or learning purposes. As long as it is quality and you put effort in to telling people about your channel, it will get noticed.

Myth 2 About Being Camera Shy- Your Voice

how to stop being camera shy 2The second reason people worry is related to the sound of their voice. Trust me, no one can stand the sound of their own voice being played back. We aren’t used to hearing it.

You think people will be annoyed with the way you sound, but if you are posting something that people can relate to or that people can find value in, you will be successful.

When I first started recording myself I thought I looked so weird and I hated hearing my voice played back, but the more I did it, the more I got used to it.

So start slowly. Record yourself 5 to 10 times and don’t post it. Just get used to talking to a camera and seeing yourself on video.

Once you get used to it and start building confidence, then start posting. Make videos that you are proud to share with your audience.

Myth 3 About Being Camera Shy- Your Authority

how to stop being camera shy 3The very last thing that might be holding you back from getting on camera is that you think, “Who am I to be posting content on the Internet?” This is another self-limiting belief.

If you believe in you, others will, too. It’s not about who you are, but about how you say it. If you speak with confidence and authority, others will take your seriously.

If you believe you don’t have enough authority, others will stop watching and move on to another person’s account who started at the same level as you.

Everyone individual starts at the same place as you. If I can start from zero and build up to thousands, so can you.

I hope that this post has helped you to take some steps to break out of those self-limiting beliefs and gain the confidence to get stared on camera.

The more confident you become, the more you can share content in many avenues to start getting subscribers. If you want more tips about getting subscribers, check out this post.