How do you deal with weight loss as a teacher? Although we walk around a lot while teaching, we are often drained after working 12-14 hour days. Currently, I work from home and when I find it harder to workout now. However, that is due to the fact that I am building my own business during my off hours. I started prioritizing work over my health, which is what a lot of teachers deal with whether you’re working from home or in a brick and mortar setting.

Working in a School

I taught in brick and mortar schools for 10 years before I started teaching online in 2016. I was an ESL, bilingual resource teacher so I would walk all over the school to visit different classrooms throughout the day. I also worked out 3 to 4 times a week when I was at my healthiest.The amount of walking and stair climbing I did changed dramatically when I started teaching online.

Working From Home

teacher weight loss journey

I gained 17 pounds due to lack of movement and eating more unhealthy foods between 2016 to2018. Health authorities recommend walking 10,000 steps a day, which is the equivalent of 4 miles. I finally had enough so I started eating more veggies and using a step tracker to get some clarity on how much or how little I move each day. I have an old vivofit that I use.

My Healthy Lifestyle Experiences

teacher weight lossKeeping track of my steps, making it a point to walk or exercise more often and eating a more balanced and healthy diet has helped me to start shedding the pounds. Unfortunately, I have had a problem with yo-yoing 10-15 pounds since 2013. I did CrossFit for awhile, but that was too intense for me. I did learn some great benefits about exercise and eating healthy from that experience though. However, I prefer something that is easy on my joints and more of a moderate diet.

Every time I did the Paleo diet I would just yo-yo back to my old ways even after I had detoxed. My cravings stopped, too, but I ended up eating unhealthy food anyway. It was the mentality that I could never eat certain foods again that caused me to yo-yo. Now, I am committing to cutting out bread, pasta, and similar carbs that are difficult to digest and store fat, but I will still eat pizza or have a burger with a bun once in awhile. That way I allow myself some food that I enjoy here and there so I don’t feel deprived. Thus leading to a long-term change where I am consistently eating protein, vegetables and healthy fats the majority of the time. I think it is an 80/20 lifestyle change instead of cutting everything 100% of the time. Heck, it might even be 70/30, but the point is I am making a change that will last.

Creating Healthy Habits

One of the biggest struggles with eating healthy and exercising is making time to do it. I am an independent contractor. I have three different jobs that pull me in various directions all throughout the day. I work from early morning to late evening. So how do I do it?

Sometimes I fail, but I don’t let one fail or a few fails in a row stop me from moving forward the next day. I make it a point to walk between my sessions. I take my phone with me while I’m walking so I can answer work e-mails related to recruiting of repping the company I work for, iTutorGroup. I plan meals or eat healthy snacks, but if I have some days that are poorly planned I try to avoid eating too many carbs. Overall, I am now sticking with being consistent, not perfect.

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