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About me

Hi! My name is Nikki and I know that language learning can be a long and daunting process. As a language learner myself, I know how much effort and time it takes to become fluent. We often feel like we will never get there; that we will never be fluent.

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When I was learning Spanish I almost quit my second year because the teacher I had focused mostly on verb drills, and that was not an easy way for me to learn. I was getting a C in the class. I was afraid to fail, so I thought dropping the class would be better.

The good news is, my mom refused to let me quit. I thank her to this day for it because speaking Spanish has been the main part of my career since I graduated college.

I am now 34 and have been using Spanish ever since that day I almost dropped the course. Getting past that difficult moment is proof that anyone can learn a language. It didn’t come easy to me. It took more dedication than brains.

Mindset is everything. I thought I couldn’t do it, but then I realized it would just take hard work and dedication.

Now, as a teacher, I also see my students struggle more with dedication than with the language itself.

The students that practice are the ones that learn the quickest and become fluent. I have not met one single person that is not capable of learning a language. Anyone can do it!

Even deaf people speak sign language, so we really have no excuse not to learn another language.

How does this course work?

This is a live speaking course
with Teacher Nikki!

In this course we meet on a live platform called Zoom.

You can access the course from your cell phone or computer. 

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The students and teacher see and hear one another. Teacher Nikki will provide a lesson plan with a topic such as business, travel, education, etc. There will be some minor reading about the topic along with discussion questions.  The majority of the class will be focused on speaking, learning new vocabulary, and asking or answering questions about the topic. The main goal of the class is to practice and improve your speaking skills.  Teacher Nikki will give you homework suggestions such as writing about the topic that was discussed in class, practicing speaking about what you learned in class with other people, and possible reading and listening materials. There is no formal homework. 

 I decided to create a community for English language learners called the Enthusiastic English Crew because I love teaching people a skill that will help them in life.

Here you will have:
• Access to live 25 minute speaking lessons 5 days a week
• Access to my private Facebook group
• A speaking partner
• Extended learning materials
Practice English Daily Journal FREE (normally $7.99)

Our Enthusiastic English Crew will keep you motivated, dedicated and give you the FREEDOM to practice whenever and wherever you want!

Normally I charge $45 an hour per lesson,

so 4 to 5 lessons a week would be

$855 a month.

But I am offering an AMAZING deal!

You can accomplish all of these steps

For only 69.95 a month!

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