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My goal is to provide English language lessons to people around the world who cannot afford quality education.
Help me to start my mission. By ordering a t-shirt or donating, you will fund an online English language course for my students.

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How will this work?

I am starting my own school for English speakers of other languages for students that cannot afford to pay for a quality education. We have been providing food and clothing to people in poverty forever. Now it is time to start providing skills.

Did you know that just by speaking English, people’s annual income in other countries goes up 25%?

Now let me explain how this will work. I will offer both video lessons and live classes from my website, and in my classroom students won’t just be learning English. My mission as a teacher has always been to not only teach my students content, but more importantly to inspire them to explore their potential by providing them with both motivation and skills.

My lessons will be experiences that make learning an active process. I will work with adults and children alike and they will learn business skills, sales skills, financial skills, and more.

So how will a student in poverty get access to the Internet?

As of 2016 47% of the world had access to the Internet even though by the end of 2010 71% of humanity lived on less than $10 a day.

So by starting this ESL school now we will be ahead of the game by preparing people for the skills they need in this global economy.

If TOMs can provide one-to-one shoes, why can’t I provide a shirt for a classroom?

Help me take education into the hands of the individual!

Buy a shirt and fund a class!

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