Are you feeling lonely as an entrepreneur?

Do you wish you had a group to lift you up?

We want to unite brilliant female entrepreneurs

in order to lift one another up on our paths toward success. 

How do we do that?


As entrepreneurs, most of us don’t have a team of people that we work with. At our 9-5 job we had meetings, and we likely dreaded going to them. Now, however, we are craving connection with other entrepreneurs so we can brainstorm, bounce ideas off of one another, and ask for or share advice.


We can contribute all day long on social media, but we can never guarantee who will see or hear us. In our group, we all see and hear one another because we host live meetings. We do masterminds, we share struggles, we share wins, and we share advice so we can empower one another.


Whether you are stuck on social media, web design or marketing, we have a solution for you. We are a team of women with experience in all areas of online entrepreneurship and we cannot wait to help you and guide you toward success in your business.


No one can do it alone. Just as your customers need you, you need your customers. We want to work as a team because while working solo has its benefits, it also has its setbacks. We are here to diminish those setbacks so that we can launch forward with strategies that build our confidence and empower us.

What does full membership include at Brilliant Biz Babes?


We meet on Zoom twice a month to strategize. We focus on topics such as branding, social media outreach, marketing, advertising, and more! We would love to hear what other topics you are interested in discussing because we want to focus on what is relevant for our members. Consider this as your outlet to be an idea machine.


Business promotion is a the top of our list because without putting your name out there, how do you get known? The difference between the way we promote compared to other communities is that we ensure that you get heard and that you participate in other women’s promotions. How can we expect other women to listen to us if we don’t take the time to listen to them? Listening and genuinely connecting is what makes us a powerful community. You will get weekly and monthly opportunities to promote yourself via video, blog, and hosting online meet ups.


If you are looking for a more detailed session than the mastermind so that you can grow a certain area of your business, then you will want to sign up for a coaching session. This is the place to go so you can learn from a mentor and work to improve your business strategies.

We also encourage members to host coaching sessions. This can be a great opportunity to show what your business has to offer!


Do you need someone else in your business to give you feedback on your social media account or your website? We can help you with both your approach, visual appeal, and verbiage. Whatever you need, we have you covered! Just send us an e-mail and let us know what your needs are. This is different than a coaching session because we are giving you feedback related to your content, whereas coaching is for broader, business-specific needs.

Membership Types


  • Meditation 5 days a week at 9:30 am CST
  • Monday Motivation Rally Calls at 10:00 am CST
  • Wednesday 30 Minute Touch Base Lunch 1:00 pm CST
  • Book Club 2 x’s a month on Mondays at 8:00 pm CST


  • Meditation 5 days a week at 9:30 am CST
  • Monday Motivation Rally Calls at 10:00 am CST
  • Wednesday 30 Minute Touch Base Lunch 1:00 pm CST
  • Book Club 2 x’s a month on Mondays at 8:00 pm CST
  • Mastermind 1 x a month on Sundays at 8:00 pm CST


  • Meditation 5 days a week at 9:30 am CST
  • Monday Motivation Rally Calls at 10:00 am CST
  • Wednesday 30 Minute Touch Base Lunch 1:00 pm CST
  • Book Club 2 x’s a month on Mondays at 8:00 pm CST
  • Mastermind 1 x a month on Sundays at 8:00 pm CST
  • Promote 4 times a month
  • Scheduled group coaching sessions 2 x’s a month
  • Feedback 1 x a month

Who should join?

Women who want to

Genuinely Connect

Share Ideas

Share Expertise

Improve as an Individual and Business Person

Empower Other Women in Business

Support Others

Strengthen the Female Business Community

Listen to Other Women

Who shouldn’t join?

Women Who

Network Just to Self-Promote

Have It All Figured Out

Don’t Share Ideas

Feel Threatened By Supporting Other Females

 Tear Others Down

Don’t Take Time to Listen

 Have No Time to Support This Community

Who facilitates this group?

Hi! My name is Nikki and I created Brilliant Biz Babes because I want to connect with like-minded women who lift one another up while on this entrepreneurial journey.

I used to be a bilingual public school teacher and when people asked me if I missed my job, I said, “No.” However, after a year of working as an entrepreneur, I realized there was one thing that I did miss; connecting and collaborating with my colleagues.

I absolutely love the autonomy of entrepreneurship, but I miss hearing someone’s voice throughout the day.

I miss having the chance to ask another person a question about a project I am working on.

I miss having lunch with my colleagues. Do I miss it enough to go back to a brick and mortar school? Absolutely not!

I am in love with being an entrepreneur. And as an entrepreneur, I know that I can find the aspects that I miss from a work community by creating it myself.

My entrepreneurial spirit is always alive and kicking, but I want to kick it with you!

My favorite part of my job is connecting with others. So that’s what I want to do here.

I am a group facilitator. I do not know all there is to know about entrepreneurship, but I do know how to bring people together and help people succeed. And that is what we are all about at Brilliant Biz Babes.

If you want to know more about what this group has to offer or if there is any question you have before you join the community, you can e-mail me at

I cannot wait to connect with you as we learn and grow together as Brilliant Biz Babes.

Part of the money earned from Biz Babes supports English learners.

Nikki is a certified ESL teacher and decided to create a philanthropic business to teach people English as a Second Language.

Monica is part of her Fund ESL program that supports students in need of a quality education.

Monica moved to the United States from Italy when she was 16. Although she is Cuban, she was speaking Italian for 9 years before she arrived in Florida to live with her aunt. She learned both Spanish and English after moving to Florida.

Monica separated from her immediate family in order to seek opportunity in the USA.

After just two years in the United States she worked hard enough to become a member of her high school’s National Honor Society, which led her to receiving a scholarship to attend West Palm Beach State College in Florida this year.

Being that she does not qualify for student loans, attending a college or university would not have been an option for her without the Presidential Scholarship. In fact, she needed an additional scholarship, plus a loan from an acquaintance that supports her.

Nikki helps Monica with improving her English grammar and vocabulary skills through speaking and writing.