As an entrepreneur you are busy. As a teacherpreneur you are probably even busier. So I am recommending a short list of valuable books for all my teacherpreneur friends to help you in your business. Two of the books I am recommending might not be on your radar in terms of business strategy. When you ask for recommendations from entrepreneur’s you will hear of books like The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris or Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. While those books do have valuable content, it is important to consider additional books for teacherpreneurs because they will provide you with a perspective that other business people haven’t read. That will give you an edge in your business strategy. 

Crush It! By Gary Vaynerchuck

Although this is one of the typical books on the top ten lists, I encourage teacherpreneurs to read this book because Vaynerchuck highlights some of the most valuable basics in a super short, super easy read.

He discusses two important points: 1) How you can turn your hobby into a business, and 2) How you can use social media to monetize that hobby. He believes in building community, and that is what Gary V. did when he started wine tasting on YouTube in 2006. The fact that he talks about community building is something that will easily resonate with you as a teacherpreneur because we build communities all of the time in the classroom. 

We often look at paid advertising like Facebook to help us grow our business, but if you are savvy with social media, and your blog you can build your client base with more sweat than money, as Gary V mentions in his book.

All you need to learn about is keywords, SEO, and building your brand on social media consistently. 

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

I could write one post dedicated just to this book because it offers so many valuable strategies. Chris Voss used to work for the FBI as a negotiator and now he teaches others how to use those negotiation skills in business and in life. Online entrepreneurs talk about e-mail campaigns and buyer psychology, but the tips that Voss mentions aren’t mentioned in a regular marketing guidebook.

Voss tells you the questions to ask, the tone to use, and the vocabulary to do it all. One example is asking, “How is that fair?” If you are in a situation where someone is asking you to lower your price, you can use that question. It requires the buyer to consider your perspective and come to his/her own conclusion about why your price is the fair price.

As teacherpreneurs having negotiation skills is crucial. We aren’t accustomed to negotiating related to the business world and it is a strategy that can turn your world around for the better. This teacherpreneur book will blow your mind.  🤯

David and Goliath by Malcom Gladwell

As individuals it often feels impossible to compete in a market with corporate giants. Reading Malcom Gladwell’s book reminds us that the underdog is not only capable to win, but more importantly, likely to win. Gladwell shares several stories about how individuals beat the odds. He talks about a poor Hungarian immigrant that grew up without a father and earned his degree in medicine starting with only $25. This man, Emil “Jay” Freireich, discovered the medicine needed to slow Leukemia and he tested it despite people thinking he was insane. He was the first to prove the use of chemotherapy treatments in childhood lymphoblastic leukemia.

Stories like Freireich are important for entrepreneurs because they remind us that with dedication, confidence, and grit, we can accomplish our goals.

As teacherpreneurs we can second guess ourselves even more because we don’t have a background in business. Making six figures seems like a pipe dream, but this book reminds us that its our own mental limitations that either bring us to the finish line or cause us to back pedal. That’s why people rave about the results they see with vision boards. Vision boards allow us to focus on our goals instead of focusing on negative self-talk. I will share a post about vision boards soon! In the meantime, click the link to buy one of these books so you can see just how successful you will be as a teacherpreneur. 

In the comments, write about a time in your life that you have pleasantly surprised the naysayers, or write about a goal that you hope to achieve.