English Learners Are The Most Appreciative Students

I have now been teaching ESL for 9 years (including my volunteer time), and what has stuck with me from the beginning is that we are not just teaching, we are providing a lifelong skill that could turn someone's life around for the better. Teaching English as a second...

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How to Teach Newcomer English Learners

When I first started teaching English as a Second Language I had 3 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language under my belt. I understood the basics of language learning, but teaching students who just arrived in the USA with little to no English was something new. I had to learn teaching strategies for newcomers very quickly on the spot.

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Total Physical Response

Babies don't learn from memorizing lists; why should children and adults? -James Asher, Speech at Cambridge University (TPR World) What is it? Total Physical response is a language teaching strategy developed by James Asher. He observed how babies learn language and...

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