Why apply to VIPKID?

Why apply to VIPKID?

Why apply to VIPKID? People apply to VIPKID for multiple reasons.

  • Stay at home moms love this job because they can contribute financially to their family and maintain a career while raising their children
  • Teachers looking to increase their income apply to VIPKID and are able to pay off debt or save for vacations
  • Teachers looking to quit their jobs have been able to do so
  • People who don’t have a background in education apply for a part-time gig
  • Digital nomads love this job due to the flexible hours
  • People who are creating their own business and need extra income to support themselves
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Requirements to Apply to VIPKID

  • Native speaker from the US or Canada
  • Some type of experience working with kids such as: teaching in a classroom, vacation bible school, being a parent, camp counselor experience, Sunday school, tutoring, etc.
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Stable Internet
  • Web camera (the interview will be on live video but there’s also a recorded option)
  • Headset (you don’t have to have a headset for the interview, but you will get a point if you have one)

Application Process

  • Pass the basic requirements by filling out the application
  • Schedule an interview
  • You have to do a 10 minute demo class
  • Get certified to teach level 2, 3, 4 and 5 (you only have to get certified for one, but it helps to get certified for as many as you can)
  • Fill out your profile and submit your paperwork
  • Sign your contract


  • $14-$22 an hour
  • Bank wire transfer the 16th of each month, they also have a bi-weekly option available

Teaching at VIPKID

  • 25 minute lessons
  • Materials provided
  • Room for growth: mentor teaching, trainer, one-to-many, rural education program

VIPKID Peak Times

Don’t let the peak times scare you off. You can work whenever is convenient for you and if you’re based in the US or Canada or other similar time zones, you have the option to work evenings on Friday and Saturday. The VIPKID peak times just mean that a lot of students take classes at the times listed in the photo below. You can get booked at off peak times as well.


If you’re a night owl, check out the midnight shift option.

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