Testimonials from Students

“Nikki was the type of teacher I like. She has her way to teach and guide the lesson, flexibly. I can feel her passion in teaching. Having free talk is always nice. Wish to see you soon.”


iTutor Group

“Nicole’s teaching was excellent. She had lots of patience to revise student’s pronunciation and grammar. Thanks, Nicole. It was much to your credit that you teach so well.”


iTutor Group

“It was so nice to meet a wonderful teacher like you. You taught me with full patience, I was deeply impressed by your warm passion. Thank you for correcting my pronunciation. I hope I can study in your class soon.”


iTutor Group

“Every time your class is a very happy process, I will always look forward to meeting you again!”


iTutor Group

Testimonials from Recruits

“Nikki is such a friendly and resourceful recruiter. I really can’t thank her enough for finding me and helping me through the on-boarding process with iTutorGroup. She answered all my questions and was always available if I needed additional help. She’s truly the best! Nikki, thank you again.”


Teacher, iTutor Group

I have had the pleasure of meeting Nikki and having her as my recruiter. She has been extremely kind and helpful throughout the entire process. I  would have been lost without her during the on-boarding process. She always did a video call with me without hesitation to help me learn to navigate the system and, answered all of my questions.  I truly appreciate her professionalism and her attentive and sweet nature. Thanks a million Nikki!

Lenora Smith

Teacher, iTutor Group