Watch this video and view my experiences as a high school Spanish teacher and as a middle school bilingual/ESL teacher.


ESL/Bilingual Endorsement- National Louis University
Master of Education- DePaul University
Bachelor of Arts- Loyola University Chicago


After earning my Bachelor’s in Spanish from Loyola University Chicago I became a high school Spanish teacher and realized how enriching the profession is. I had the opportunity to teach all levels of Spanish (Level I to Advanced Placement) within my first four years in the field. After obtaining my master’s in education I started working towards my Bilingual/ESL endorsement. This led me to a middle school position where I got the opportunity to work with immigrant students, which turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

This was not the first time I taught ESL though. I had experience working with adult immigrants when I was 17 and volunteered to teach ESL at a community college. I then continued volunteering at a center near Loyola during my freshman and sophomore year. Volunteering all those years ago, I never expected ESL to become the focus of my profession, nor did I expect to pursue entrepreneurship after nine years of teaching in the brick and mortar schools.

Seeking entrepreneurship has led me to start the Fund ESL project. After working for online ESL schools I have experienced first hand the benefits of distance learning. Unfortunately, too many people in the world cannot afford classes that will prepare them for a global economy. That is why I am starting Fund ESL.