My Story

You know that feeling of your boss breathing down your neck?

I had that feeling and I got fed up with it to the point that I quit my job without having another one lined up. I remember walking into my principal’s office with knots in my stomach even though I made a mental note of what to say. “I’m moving on from teaching in a brick and mortar school.”

Can you imagine how good it feels to say goodbye to something that’s making you miserable? Let me clarify, I loved teaching and still do, but the red tape in the school system was suffocating me. I don’t blame my boss. The system just wasn’t for me. The reason I stayed as long as I did (2005-2016) was because I was doing the most rewarding work of my life; teaching English to immigrant students.

What came next? I applied to over 50 online schools in the states and one that was located in China. I wasn’t even sure if the Chinese company was for real or a hoax. To my surprise, the Chinese company hired me. It was a relief, but it wasn’t as much pay as working in a brick and mortar school. I didn’t think it was going to lead to anything big, but 2 years later I was earning more money than I was in the public school system.

Over those two years I learned about online business, marketing, recruiting, blogging, sales, strategies for teaching online and the ins and outs of working for people from another culture.

I also experienced the struggles of teaching online while trying to build my own business.

  • The all nighters
  • Waking up at odd hours
  • Kids that don’t listen
  • Parents and students that rate unfairly
  • A checklist that never ends

Imagine saying goodbye to those stressors AND making so much money that you not only pay off your debt, but you also have a cushion big enough to go on vacation.

I thought about keeping my process a secret, but I know there is enough room for everyone to have the same amount of success. Learn the process with me by clicking here.