When my principal asked me if I wanted a new position for the 2016-2017 school year I turned her down. The school system was no longer where I wanted to be. I needed more freedom and creativity in my work so I quit in May 2016.

I quit without having a job lined up. I checked on Indeed.com and found VIPKID after a few weeks of researching my options.

I thought VIPKID sounded perfect, especially because I could work from home. I assumed it would be a temporary gig until I built my own business. However, a few months after working with VIPKID I got recruited by iTutorGroup on LinkedIn. I realized this was an industry where I could grow.

However, my pay was less than what I was making as a full-time teacher. I knew there had to be a way to earn more money. I set a goal to make at least $5k a month. I focused on that number everyday and gradually inquired about secondary positions. My drive made me to notice more opportunities in the online teaching industry. Now I want to share those opportunities with you!