How Can Nikki Help You?
Nikki is a bilingual educator that teaches language learners and recruits teachers to work online. She has over 10 years of experience working with all age levels. She teaches because she believes in empowering learners through bilingualism or multilingualism.

Online ESL Teacher

Nikki helps online ESL teachers get hired at iTutorGroup. iTutorGroup is looking for quality teachers to teach English to kids and adults online who live in China, Taiwan and Japan. The pay is $14-$22 an hour. She is a recruiter. She will help you with the interview and guide you through the on-boarding process. To get started e-mail her directly at

Nikki also works one-on-one with kids and adults in person. She has helped students improve their reading MAP scores, improve their Spanish grades, and learn to write better essays. If you want to book a lesson for your child or yourself e-mail her directly at